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Video Visiting is now available using right in your web browser. It is easy to use, with standard computer equipment - all you need is a webcam and microphone. Utilizing powerful technology to allow a very broad reach to participants who are eligible to use video communication with .

Facilities using video visitation benefit from this technology in multiple ways:
  • Remote Visitation by family members (including children, reducing stress to the child of an incarcerated individual)
  • Remote Visitation by legal counsel
  • Reduce inmate transportation
  • Eliminate risk of contraband transfer
  • Reduce need for visitation supervision
  • Enables video arraignment
  • Secure administrative access to monitor, control and customize access by jail personnel

Benefits to family members / inmates:
  • Allows for face to face interaction, even in bad weather
  • Allows for multiple participants on the video visitation (grandma in one state and aunt in another state and inmate, etc.)
  • Allows inmate to see children doing day to day activities (like playing with Play Doh and coloring pictures)
Log in from home and see for yourself how easy it is to connect. Test and see if your equipment functions utilizing the "Audition Room". Selecting a facility and searching for an inmate is all that is required to begin a visit. If a facility would like to screen the users who have access they can use the user approval feature, or actively black list users.
This service is available now at select facilities for no cost. The Beta-test phase will be thoroughly tested in a real-world environment and only after maintaining exceptional reliability for a period of time will there be a cost associated with video calls.

Administrative benefits include a management page that will display User Requests, Call Requests, and also show currently active calls. There is an option to set up automatic notifications when an inmate, user, section, or group is involved in a visit. This feature will send an e-mail with a live call for monitoring and a playback option for future viewing.
All calls are recorded and stored in an easily accessible format for administrative staff or investigators. They can be filtered by date, caller, or inmate name. Privileged users such as attorneys and judges will have the option to enable recording for a session if they would like.
Feel free to contact us at with any questions, comments or suggestions! We are continually improving and always open to an outside point of view.

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